Anand clique.

Anand Bhatt - vocals

  "A voice that will shatter your heart."
                          - Arrakis, Death Metal Symphonies

Ryba - guitar

  "I've been waiting for years to hear someone play like that"
                          - Steve Schrader, Musician's Homepage

Buban - bass

Anthony Mastrino - Drums

  "HOLY SH.T!!!!"
           - John Scrip, J. Engel Media


click. was sent out of their circle of hell in the mid 1990's to the 
psychotic streets of Chicago.  There they obtained much respect by 
flailing sounds of POWER and MADNESS into society's ear drums. 
The powerful quartet of darkness set out with the purpose of bringing 
out the euphoria of evil from everybody. 

Today, you can still hear Buban's quick bass, Ryba's menacing
guitar, Anthony's hypnotically aggressive drums, and Anand's scream
echo throughout your raging and angry mind.  Support your Metal scene,
before you are destroyed by its uprising.

Anand Bhatt has taken Anand clique. into breathtaking dimensions
Tribal Hardcore.  Anand, along with Anand clique., plays with Jim 
Martin of Faith No More, does soundtracks for Playboy and Vivid Video
movies. He also plays guitar for the famous industrial band, Project .44.

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