Anand clique.

The music of Anand clique. - click. has been said to be the heaviest music to emerge from Chicago ever.

"An experience of pure evil."
                 - Josh Elmore, 7,000 Dying rats

       - Marc Valentino, Rebel Radio

"Makes me want to kill everybody."
                      - Evil Pete, WUIC 

"listening to Anand clique.'s CD, click., is like audio cocaine."
                      - Nick Barber, Maxtrax

To    summon    the    audio    wrath    of    click.:

Request Anand clique. on your local heavy radio station, or request
Anand clique. on Rebel Radio!

VIA phone: (847)498-3367
VIA e-mail:

Then, proceed to 


For   audio   copies   in   another   form   contact:

Anand clique.

address: Sonic Wave International
         anand clique.
         415 S. Maple, suite #603
         Oak Park, IL 60302

OR ask your local music stores and internet music stores!!!!